The Data Analyst Profession: from scratch to Employment

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Data Analyst from Scratch to employment

Start work in IT as Data Analyst in 6 Months

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About Data Analyst

Data Science is one of the most in-demand professions of the 21st century

What does a Data Analyst do?

A Data analyst reviews data to identify key insights into a business’s customers and ways the data can be used to solve problems. They also communicate this information to company leadership and other stakeholders.

What does a Data Scientist do?

Data Scientist is an individual who gathers, cleans, analyzes, and visualizes large datasets to draw meaningful conclusions and communicate them to business leaders. The data is collected from various sources, processed into a format suitable for analysis, and fed into an analytics system where statistical analysis is performed to gain actionable insights.

Processes and interprets

Unstructured Data

Suggests how to optimize

Diverse business processes


the Data and Provides Insights

The coming 3 years from  2023-25 is a golden opportunity to advance your skills and work as a Data Analyst/Data Scientist professionally!We will have millions of job opportunities 

Great news for the IT aspirants

  • Join Coding Pact Professional Data Analyst Course & avail one on one Mentorship!
  • 100% job Guarantee or else refund of the 50% fees .
  •  1-1 Mentorship
  • Globally Valid Data Analyst Nano Degree
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Why Data Analytics?

Intense Demand

Companies are spending a lot of money on data analytics and specialists who can handle these procedures because the world is entirely data-driven.

Comparable pay

A fresher's annual pay is typically around INR 6 LPA to 12 LPA and can get upto 36 LPA

Entry with any background

Big data is a multidisciplinary field that involves collaboration between people with various backgrounds.

Job requirements

Possibility of employment with major businesses both in India and abroad

Demand is really high

For business to make the best judgements, data analysts are required.

This course is for you if:

You do not have coding experience, but want to get a quick start in IT career

You are a fresher and seeking some real-world experience in IT world

You want to get real skills, and not just a certificate

How It works

Golden opportunity to upskill yourself & become a professional Data Analyst in 2023!

How does the program work?

You will become a part of a Simulator
Access 1500+ assignments, 30+ capstone projects and real business cases developed by industry experts from companies like Amazon, Deloitte, HCL, Philips etc.,

2 live sessions a week

Every Saturday and Sunday,we conduct 2 lives classes for 3 hours

1 on 1 Mentorship

You can connect with my mentors every day from 12 PM to 8 PM 

What Is the Program?

The Data Scientist Masters program is a 9 Months online Live Program.

What will I learn ?

Data Analyst Nano Degree includes

  • Google sheets
  • SQL
  • Statistics
  • Power BI
  • Python

Choose any one of the below Specializations 

1.Artificial Intelligence 

2.Machine Learning 

3.Deep Learning 

4.Natural Language Processing 

Live sessions /week during Weekend
Nano Degree & Master's Degree
0 +
Job Applications includes referrals, WFH options
Career Sessions,including mock calls

Job Opportunities in IT Sector

Data Analyst Nano Degree

This is the most common role for someone with a data analyst certification. A data analyst typically works with data to help organizations make informed decisions. They use statistical methods to analyze data, create reports, and visualize data to identify trends and patterns.

 A business intelligence analyst is responsible for analyzing data to help organizations make strategic decisions. They create reports and dashboards that help managers and executives understand trends in the market, customer behavior, and other key performance indicators.

 A data scientist uses advanced statistical methods and machine learning techniques to analyze large datasets. They are responsible for creating predictive models that help organizations make data-driven decisions.

A marketing analyst analyzes data related to marketing campaigns to understand their effectiveness. They use data to identify target audiences, measure the success of marketing campaigns, and make recommendations for future marketing efforts.

A financial analyst uses data to create financial models that help organizations make informed decisions about investments, budgeting, and other financial matters.

An operations analyst uses data to identify areas of improvement in an organization’s processes. They analyze data related to supply chain, inventory management, and other operations to help organizations optimize their processes.

Data Scientist Masters Degree

 A data scientist is responsible for analyzing large datasets using machine learning and statistical methods to extract insights and predict future trends. They work with complex data models and algorithms to create predictive models, algorithms, and data visualizations.

 A machine learning engineer creates and deploys machine learning models that help organizations automate and optimize their processes. They are responsible for developing and implementing algorithms that analyze data and make predictions.

 A data engineer designs, develops, and maintains the infrastructure required for processing and storing large datasets. They are responsible for building and maintaining data pipelines that allow data to be extracted from various sources and transformed into a usable format.

 A business intelligence analyst analyzes data to help organizations make strategic decisions. They create reports and dashboards that help managers and executives understand trends in the market, customer behavior, and other key performance indicators.

 A data analytics manager oversees a team of data analysts and data scientists. They are responsible for developing and implementing strategies that help organizations make data-driven decisions.

 A big data engineer designs and manages the infrastructure required for processing and storing large datasets. They work with tools like Hadoop and Spark to analyze and process large datasets.

10 Reasons to Start your Data Science Journey Now at Coding Pact​


 Module 1. Basics
 Module 2. Functions
 Module 3. Pivot tables and dashboards
12Introduction to Pivot Tables
13Analyzing data using pivot table
14Putting it all together
 Module 1. Operators and Queries
1Introduction to SQL and its terminology
3Working with Operators
4Working with Strings & Datetime
5Mastering complex SQL Queries with basic statements
 Module 2. Advanced Queries
6Aggregate functions
7HAVING clause
8SQL Joins
9Sub Queries
 Module 3. Advanced functions
10Windows functions
 Module 1. Basics
1Intro to statistics
2Central tendency, variance
3Inferential Statistics
4Types of Probability Distribution
 Module 2. Data and hypothesis
5Exploratory data analysis
6Data Preprocessing
7Hypothesis testing (parametric tests)
8Chi square test and 1 way ANOVA
 Module 1. Setup and dashboards
1Introduction to Power BI
2Connecting to data sources and Creating basic charts and visuals
3Cleansing data with Query Editor
4Creating Report by combining all visuals
5Types of Visuals in Power BI
6Managing Relationships between Tables in Power BI
7Addition of New columns using Power Query
8Transforming Columns in Query Editor
 Module 2. Modeling and Optimization
9Modeling and Optimization
12Introduction to DAX
 Module 1. Operators and functions
3Basic operators
4Brief on Jupyter notebook
5Data types, variables, and Numbers
8Conditional statements if/else
 Module 2. Arrays
1Introduction on Numpy
2Creating arrays
3Indexing arrays
4Array Transposition
5Shape manipulation
6Conditional Selection
7Array Operations
 Module 3. Datasets and dataframes
1Introduction to pandas
2Reading local data set
3How to read data files from pandas
4How to write data using Pandas
5Creating dataframe
6Playing with Rows and columns of dataframe
7Filters and operations using dataframe
8Handling missing values using Pandas
9Usage of apply function in pandas
10Aggregate data in Pandas
11Merge operation on dataframes
 Module 4. Plots and charts
1Introduction to Matplotlib
2Basics of Matplotlib figure
3Creating Line Plots
4Adding texts to plots
5Adding legend
6Adding labels
7Applying different styles
9Scatter Plot
10Bar chart
11Pie Chart
13Heat map
14Plotting Curves
15Brief on visualization python libraries
1Artificial Intelligence
2Machine Learning 
3Deep Learning 
4Natural Language Processing 
  • Resume Preparation.
  • LinkedIn Enhancement
  • Mock Calls
  • Interview Question Bank
  • 300+ job openings through Hirist and other job portals


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